I pass this billboard every day on my way home. The first time I saw it, I reacted with a start. That’s gutsy, I thought. Arrogant, even. Does Peerless think it’s THAT good? Wow.

I had plans of blogging about this right away, but one thing led to another and I put it off for a while. Turns out, that wasn’t all bad. It gave me a chance to ponder the campaign and how I felt about it.

Although my first reaction tended toward negative, is wasn’t quite negative. Part of me thought that a business needs to possess that kind of swagger to sell itself well. After all, if it doesn’t believe in itself, how can it expect others to believe?

Then I found the campaign online and realized that the person on the billboard was a realtor. (The text on the bottom of the image above either wasn’t on the actual sign or wasn’t readable. I hadn’t noticed it driving by.) That made this sign make WAY more sense. Digging deeper, I realized it was part of a campaign featuring local businesspeople, tying them into the dry cleaner through clever slogans. Ah, clarity.

Then again, if I had to work that hard to “get” it, was it really successful?

In the end, I think it was–not because the message was so clever or the campaign so well thought. It was successful because it captured my attention for days. I remained engaged with that sign for days, maybe even a couple of weeks. Peerless Cleaners captured a portion of my mental real estate and stayed top of mind as I pondered and explored.

What say you? How do you feel about the sign itself? And do you think its swagger got the job done?

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