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Mary Horan, VP, Director of Marketing, Lake City Bank

Everyone is loving our history—I don’t think I’ve ever put anything up on a website that has garnered more attention (and it’s all positive attention).

Dan Copeland, Founder, Michiana Publications

Tammy Davis has written for our publications for many years. We consider Tammy one of our best writers. The quality of her work is unmatched. Not only do we ask her to write as many stories as she has time for, she is also requested repeatedly by those she has written about previously. Her engaging style is warm and inviting allowing readers to easily understand topics that sometimes difficult to grasp. 

Robert Stone, International Executive

Tammy is highly skilled in Marketing Communications: she is able to quickly understand the intended target audience, the messaging that will resonate with that audience and she writes extremely well. She understands the marketing mix and effective ways to reach decision makers & influencers via multiple channels and media. Over the years, I’ve also seen Tammy develop into an engaging and effective storyteller – a highly desirable talent that society is recently rediscovering. Tammy has the highest integrity and is very diligent in her creation of project deliverables and project execution.

Alicia Tharp, Editor and Proofreader

I had the tremendous pleasure of working with Tammy for more than four years while I was the editor of Business People magazine. Tammy was the writer who was most highly requested by clients, as well as the writer that I received the most positive feedback on from clients. Tammy was always my go-to writer for the stories that were a little more technical and complicated to tell. She had an unparalleled knack for taking a complicated story or business and simplifying it down to be digestible and understood by anyone who read the story. She also was the writer that gave me the least amount of work to do – her work required very little to no editing. I cannot recommend her exceptional writing abilities as well as her fantastic professionalism highly enough!

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