I had an “Aha!” moment last weekend. I was thinking about my recent post, Super excited, when it occurred to me that I may have had a similar revelation about the importance of enjoying the moment once before. Or twice. Or various times.

Whether I’m ready or not, my friends are coming to visit this week. Sal had to remind me that, regardless of what I have planned, we are going to have a blast. It’s all about enjoying the moment and not missing what’s in front of us, right?

I felt suddenly unburdened when she told me that, yet gradually I realized that this may not have been the first time I had heard those words. In fact, I had even blogged about this very topic before, believing each time that I was really on to something. If you don’t believe me, read Ready or not and Be open to the moment. Even Hurry up and wait holds vestiges of the same theme.

Being taught a lesson doesn’t mean that I’ve learned it.

Now that’s a revelation. Let me say that again: being taught a lesson doesn’t mean that I’ve learned it. Think about it. What lessons have you stubbornly (or obliviously) avoided learning? What lessons have you taught that aren’t being heeded? Maybe it’s time to find some new buttons to push.

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