Written off

It seems that the Indiana Department of Education has taken the dubious step of eliminating handwriting from its elementary curriculum. What a sad day. I'm sure many people can (and will) make the argument that keyboarding--which is replacing handwriting in the curriculum--is much more relevant to everyday life in today's world. When evaluating time spent on a keyboard versus time... Continue Reading →

Can’t see the forest

I love learning a new language. My foray into French has been intellectually stimulating for me, and j'adore discussing the finer points of grammar, verb infinitives and conjugations, negations, and regional vocabulary. I want to dive in and dissect it all. Today, however, I realized that I still can't carry on a simple conversation in my... Continue Reading →

In my opinion

I had sort of an epiphany today. I was pondering my position on several subjects and thinking how self-righteous it must be to think I'm right on every one. Then I realized something. No one will hold an opinion that she thinks is wrong; what would be the point? Of course I think I'm right... Continue Reading →

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