I had sort of an epiphany today. I was pondering my position on several subjects and thinking how self-righteous it must be to think I’m right on every one. Then I realized something. No one will hold an opinion that she thinks is wrong; what would be the point? Of course I think I’m right about everything.

The trick, then, is not to hold an opinion so steadfastly that it can never change. If I’m presented with facts and logic that defy my position, I must consider those and re-evaluate my stance. Sometimes that may mean I have to alter my viewpoint, and other times I may discover arguments that leave me more resolute. The important thing is that I’m willing to continually test my opinions and positions for validity–and to give them up when it makes sense.

There’s nothing wrong with believing I’m right, but there’s everything wrong with being unwilling to admit I’m wrong. Think about it.


(Unrelated: Happy birthday, Jeff!)

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