Giving back

Remember that big trophy case in your high school? You know the one; it houses all the awards from sports and band and club competitions. It's filled with statuettes and plaques and medals and team photos, and you always stop to look at it when you go back for a visit. Heck, my daughter's school... Continue Reading →

Generationally speaking

I follow a blogger who writes about her challenges and opportunities as a 20-something in the workplace. Even though I'm not in her demographic (unless you count my 40-something as two of her 20-somethings), I generally find raw truth in her commentary. When one of her posts popped up in my feed the other day, I noticed... Continue Reading →

Linen and lace

Some women and their moms are peas in a pod. People describe them as cut from the same cloth, more of the same, me and mini-me. Not so in my case. My mom and I see the world differently, want different things from our life experiences, and have different comfort zones. If we're cloth, I'm linen... Continue Reading →

Take heart

In a conference room, educators, administrators, and parents meet at a table. Suddenly, in the midst of their discussion, gunfire erupts nearby. At the moment of recognition, some reflexively dive for cover, while others spring from their seats and head toward danger. I can't shake this image. What makes some people instinctively jump into the... Continue Reading →

Ancient history

Last weekend, I had the chance to speak on behalf of my company at an event honoring our longevity in and contribution to the community. Aside from a mild (but quickly waning) apprehension toward public speaking, I also felt a frisson of delight about being our spokesperson. I carefully crafted my speech, trying to find just... Continue Reading →

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