What’s cookin’

I love cookbooks. I like to page through them, reading the recipes, mentally putting them together to figure out if something will work. I like the background stories that some of them include, and I imagine what it must have been like the first time that steaming dish made its way to the table. Mostly... Continue Reading →


I forgot my purse. By the time I realized it, I was 40 miles away from where it lay nestled unobtrusively in an empty file drawer at work. I had already been home, packed my kids in the car, and whisked them off to accomplish a flurry of errands that would finish with dinner at... Continue Reading →

Getting to know you

A colleague sometimes shares with me the trials and tribulations of an advisory board on which he participates. One of the board's current challenges is to attract young people to come to its events. They see a generation gap and have not been able to bridge it effectively thus far. They're afraid that the industry--or... Continue Reading →

Trust the technology

An old friend reminded me yesterday of a particularly annoying habit that seems to have become pervasive: following up on emails. I'm not talking about the kind of follow-up that provides additional information or seeks an answer after a prolonged period of unresponsiveness. I'm talking about the guy who pokes his head in your door... Continue Reading →

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