The right to remain silent

If you're female, you've probably grumbled about your weight at least once in your life. Whether you feel plagued with an extra five pounds or fifty, we all have our number. It's a girl thing. (I'm sure it occasionally happens with men too, but I'm not a dude, so I'll keep my assumptions to my... Continue Reading →

Self-addressed silliness

Over the last few years, I've noticed a new practice rearing its ugly head at gift-giving events. As guests arrive and deposit their gifts, they are asked to address an envelope to themselves. The guest of honor takes these envelopes home and eventually deposits thank-you notes into them, needing only to slap a stamp in... Continue Reading →

Caller ID

Sometimes I hate caller ID.¬†It causes people¬†jump into the familiar without thinking, assuming they know what is coming when they pick up the phone. They bypass any ritual of politeness and start, to what feels to the person on the other end, in the middle of the conversation. It often goes something like this: Phone... Continue Reading →

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