I clicked on a Buzzfeed story that popped up in my newsfeed the other day: 18 Privileges That Many People Don't Even Recognize. Using my iPhone. Inside the home I own. Sitting on furniture that matches the room around it. With a satisfied stomach. On a weekend day with nothing else to do. You get... Continue Reading →

It’s about me

This morning I read an op-ed written by the daughter of someone famous. She began the piece with an anecdote from her childhood and built her argument from there. The piece was well written, thoughtful, and I believed, completely appropriate. Once again I made the mistake of reading the comments. While most people addressed the... Continue Reading →

Crying won’t help

A couple of weeks ago, the Miami Dolphins lost to the New England Patriots in an AFC match-up. (Sorry folks, but here comes another football metaphor.) There wasn't a lot about the game that came as a surprise--the Pats were expected to win, after all. To the Fins' credit, the score--23-16--ended up fairly respectable. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

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