If you can’t control your children

If you haven’t heard this, chances are you’ve thought something like it. If you can’t control your children… …you shouldn’t bring them in the first place.…you should take them out of here.…you’re going to have to leave. As parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to compel our kids to act appropriately.... Continue Reading →

Get out of your way

Once upon a time, a twelve-year-old girl hid whimpering under the dining room table. She had gone there to hide from her dad, who had commanded her to do the nefarious task of *gasp* calling the local department store to see what time it closed. The more she protested, the more firmly her father insisted.... Continue Reading →

E pluribus unum

I'm ticked off. Every day, I see people flying American flags, holding them high as a symbol of solidarity toward a particular cause. The problem is, the flag is supposed to represent an entire country, not one segment of it. I grew up proud to be an American. I still believe in the freedoms established... Continue Reading →


My dog is special. Since the day we brought him home, Wallace has marched to the beat of his own drum. You might not notice it if you visit him inside our house, though. That's his happy place; he can relax there and be normal. Mostly. Outside is a different story. Wallace gets overstimulated when... Continue Reading →

Swan song

My friend is overloaded at work and constantly frazzled. Though he works long hours and through many weekends, it's never enough to catch up. There's always another task, and usually it's urgent. To make matters worse, he's experiencing some attrition in his staff, so the load keeps getting bigger. Now he's trying to figure out... Continue Reading →

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