The power of belief

Several weeks ago I undertook a writing project outside my comfort zone. Truthfully, it didn't amount to much, but it involved my own content--not something I had written on behalf of someone else--and it made me feel vulnerable. I was nervous and unsure, but determined to soldier on. Intending to bolster my courage, I reached... Continue Reading →

Miss Labeled

It's easy to sit on this side of the keyboard and write insightful anecdotes, but there's always more beneath the surface. And once in a while, someone will challenge me on it. Recently I joined an online writers' group and I love it. I feel validated, have a safe space to try new ideas, and... Continue Reading →

Never say never

Names matter to people, particularly their own. As someone with a name that is commonly misspelled, I'm particularly sensitive to this. Not only are there several variations of Tammy (Tami, Tammi, Tammie, Tamie), but people also want to argue with me about what my "real" name is. I've gotten used to it, but it's still... Continue Reading →

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