Just keep swimming

You must have noticed the sudden re-emergence of (mostly) regular content on this blog. I've been working on some issues unrelated to writing and much to my surprise, the words have come back as I begin to resolve those things. In fact, some days I just want to throw everything else aside and get back... Continue Reading →

Cooking lessons

A friend came to my house for lunch a few weeks ago. She had just celebrated a birthday, so cake for dessert seemed in order. The recipe I chose looked terrific: a single layer of lemon sponge soaked in a sticky lemon glaze. Lots of fresh lemons would sacrifice themselves for the sake of flavor.... Continue Reading →

Flying blind

A couple of nights ago, something started thump-whumping on my back door. I didn't think anything of it at first; my house often makes creepy noises that flare up and then disappear. This one kept happening, though. It's August, a little late for the giant Junebugs that don't realize a giant pane of glass stands... Continue Reading →


As a side gig, I write articles for a local magazine. As much as I enjoy it, it's like exercise: the hardest part is getting started. I'll sometimes spend hours--yes, hours--agonizing over the title. The computer screen never looks blanker than when I stare at it waiting for inspiration. It isn't that I don't know... Continue Reading →

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