The fork in the road

My son just spent weeks, months even, agonizing over his college choice. Even after he finally came to a decision, he still agonized. Had he made the right decision? When I checked in with him the next day (ready to cancel my deposit and put it on the other school if he had any regrets), his... Continue Reading →

I know where you sit

My company is building a beautiful new headquarters, and I'm lucky enough to play a significant role in it. I have the pleasure--and it really is a pleasure--of overseeing the furniture, fabrics, fixtures, and finishes for all things interior. Over the past several months, I've learned more about office systems, upholstery, paint, veneer, laminate, and seat pans... Continue Reading →

Blind sight

Driving to work one day last week, I found myself in one of my pet peeve situations. I was stuck behind a tractor-trailer rig, navigating through a small town. Beyond the general annoyance of not being able to see the horizon, this issue takes real meaning at stop lights. Simply put, I can't see around... Continue Reading →

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