Never, ever forget

Never forget. That's what everyone is posting today. Hashtags abound as the entire nation reflects on a shimmering September morning seventeen years ago when disaster struck in the form of maliciously-guided airplanes. Once in the north tower. A second time in the south tower. A third time in the Pentagon. A fourth time in a Pennsylvania... Continue Reading →

On being personable

There's an author I've been following since back in the early days of my own blog. I liked the way she wrote, and she had an amusing way of drawing people into her content by using suggestive titles that made me laugh. Heck, back in those days her blog was even called The Accidental Cootchie Mama.... Continue Reading →

Never forget

Yesterday I left my family's Thanksgiving festivities feeling full, not only of food, but also--and especially--of love and warmth and goodwill. Compared to most of the world, I have a lot. My modest house might need a good cleaning, but it keeps me safe from the elements and has more than enough room for my kids,... Continue Reading →

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