At every life event, good or bad, my people show up. It may not be everyone each time and it may not look exactly as I imagined, but someone is there. In fact, it's usually a whole lot of people. Some are family, some are friends, but at this point, those lines are pretty blurry.... Continue Reading →

The power of belief

Several weeks ago I undertook a writing project outside my comfort zone. Truthfully, it didn't amount to much, but it involved my own content--not something I had written on behalf of someone else--and it made me feel vulnerable. I was nervous and unsure, but determined to soldier on. Intending to bolster my courage, I reached... Continue Reading →

Success hasn’t spoiled me yet

In Santa Barbara, California, a Chick-fil-A restaurant has become so popular that its drive-thru line extends into the street, causing 90-minute traffic back-ups during the week--longer on the weekend. (Read the story by clicking HERE.) One city council member said, "Chick-fil-A has a good problem here. They are so successful, they have outgrown their site."... Continue Reading →

Do what you love

My son loves wrestling. He can rattle off the signature move of nearly every D1 collegiate wrestler, his record, and what happened when he went head-to-head against each opponent. Ever. I'm not kidding; you name it, and that fact lives somewhere in my son's magic brain. Some years ago we sat next to a man... Continue Reading →

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