Giving back

Remember that big trophy case in your high school? You know the one; it houses all the awards from sports and band and club competitions. It's filled with statuettes and plaques and medals and team photos, and you always stop to look at it when you go back for a visit. Heck, my daughter's school... Continue Reading →

Music to my ears I'm not the world's best parent. Truth be told, I'm not even close. Once in a while, though, I get something right. With two teenagers and a dog in the house--and me as the antithesis of Suzy Homemaker--the messes and chores never end. I keep looking to my kids for relief. Their able bodies... Continue Reading →

Camp notes

A little more than a week ago, I delivered my son to wrestling camp three states away. For a month. I know it sounds crazy, but unlike many moms, the idea of separating myself from my firstborn for a month never gave me pause, even for a second. Truthfully, I was just as excited about... Continue Reading →

New clothes

As I kid, I remember reading the story The Emperor's New Clothes. If you don't remember it--or even if you do--it's worth clicking the link for a refresher. I always got a giggle from the tale as a kid, but lately I've been consumed by its wisdom. Tricked by a couple of shrewd schemers, the... Continue Reading →

Just say yes

My kids ask me for stuff all the time. I'm not talking about buying them things--they're actually not too presumptuous in that area--no, my kids want to go places, have friends over, do things. For a long time, my immediate reaction was to say no: our schedule was always too busy, I needed to go... Continue Reading →

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