Not my day

No one wants to talk (or write) about a bad race, least of all me. In fact, I've been trying hard to put my dismal performance at Saturday's Indy Mini out of my mind ever since I crossed the finish line. Alas, something in my psyche just won't let me bury it until I 'fess... Continue Reading →

Pulse check

I laid out some goals at the end of last year, hoping that holding myself publicly accountable would keep me on track. To stay true to that intent, I think it's time for a pulse check--maybe past time. I've copied and pasted my goals from the original post so you'll know what I'm talking about.... Continue Reading →


As promised, I ran the Indy Mini last Saturday. I did it knowing I wouldn't be able to match the time I posted two years ago, so I approached the start line with bittersweet resignation. As the minutes ticked down to the start of the race, I let anticipation and excitement take over. My legs... Continue Reading →

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