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My dog had to go on a diet. A ten-pound weight gain in four months gave me panicked visions of a fast-growing tumor, but no, says the vet. He's just eating too much. After a morsel-by-morsel review of his eating habits, I determined that switching dog foods about four months ago accounted for roughly 25... Continue Reading →


As a side gig, I write articles for a local magazine. As much as I enjoy it, it's like exercise: the hardest part is getting started. I'll sometimes spend hours--yes, hours--agonizing over the title. The computer screen never looks blanker than when I stare at it waiting for inspiration. It isn't that I don't know... Continue Reading →


High school wrestling season is almost over in Indiana. We're in the regional week of the state tournament, and that means that anyone who didn't advance past sectionals is done. Boys not moving on don't have a lot of motivation to continue practicing with the team. An injury, rehab, and some extenuating circumstances have kept my... Continue Reading →

Varsity blues

Before I start with the "real" content of this post, I want to say that I am unbelievably proud of my son, who earned his varsity letter for wrestling this year--as a freshman. He worked really, really hard and took at least his fair share of bumps and bruises--to his body and his ego. Now,... Continue Reading →

Camp notes

A little more than a week ago, I delivered my son to wrestling camp three states away. For a month. I know it sounds crazy, but unlike many moms, the idea of separating myself from my firstborn for a month never gave me pause, even for a second. Truthfully, I was just as excited about... Continue Reading →

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