Food fancies

I fancy myself to be a foodie. I like dishes that awaken my palate, juxtapose flavors, surprise my senses. Buttermilk basil sorbet. Brussels sprouts tossed in homemade pomegranate molasses. Duck meat loaf. Stinky cheeses. Anything with arugula. Latte art. There's not much I won't try--unless it features goat cheese or a nasty orange vegetable--and in fact, I relish... Continue Reading →

Don’t touch that cheese

"Oh, you don't want to try that cheese, Brynna." I looked up from the produce I was examining to get a bead on who had said that--and why. It was sample day at the grocery store, and my eyes quickly landed on a mother and her young daughter. The girl, probably around eight or nine, had... Continue Reading →

The key ingredient

I don't watch much TV, but occasionally I'll flip to the Food Network to gratify my inner foodie. My kids watch along with me (they're kids; they'll watch anything), and the three of us particularly enjoy a show called Chopped. The show features four generally unknown chefs who compete for a $10,000 prize by concocting... Continue Reading →

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