On the rebound

He's not here anymore. Huh. That's weird. He didn't tell me he was leaving. I guess I'll talk to her. She's not here anymore either. As I moved through my list of contacts, I found that not a single one of them had remained with the company. Two minutes of online research gave me a... Continue Reading →

Trash talk

My city currently finds itself in the midst of a garbage crisis. An unfortunate and mostly preventable series of events has led to increasingly terrible service over the past four years, and now when I put my bins at the curb, I wonder how long they'll stay there. Until this afternoon, my recycling bin had... Continue Reading →

Dirty laundry

I hate to do laundry. I've always hated to do laundry. In fact, when I was in college, I once made it a record six weeks without venturing to that dreaded room in my dorm basement. My secret? Underwear, lots of underwear. After all, who really cares how many times you rotate sweatpants and jeans when you're 18 and... Continue Reading →

Just desserts

My daughter's social studies teacher hosted a cultural fair last spring where the kids could present their year-end country projects. The kids had worked in groups to create elaborate displays, learn facts and anecdotes, and even whip up samples of local cuisines. The teacher expected the cafetorium to be packed, so she asked parents to sign up to bring a... Continue Reading →

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