Live and learn

I screwed up. Again. And to make matters worse, my transgression fell in an area I supposedly know how to navigate: communication. After carefully choosing my words and even putting in a little extra effort (because that's what friends do, right?) the response I received seemed a I could tell something was wrong, so... Continue Reading →

On the rebound

He's not here anymore. Huh. That's weird. He didn't tell me he was leaving. I guess I'll talk to her. She's not here anymore either. As I moved through my list of contacts, I found that not a single one of them had remained with the company. Two minutes of online research gave me a... Continue Reading →

Best behavior

Mothering a daughter is hard, especially a strong-willed, independent-thinking, highly emotional daughter. And most especially the teenage variety of said daughter. She's smart and funny and caring and I generally love being around her, but it's still challenging. I try to be conscious of my actions. After all, she's been watching me for the past... Continue Reading →

Take care

When I was very small, my great-great aunt went to live with my grandmother. Aunt Gladys (unconventionally pronounced  GLAY-dus) would follow my brother and me around and we didn't mind a bit because she never hesitated to join our games. She played with us unhesitatingly until the dark cloud of her dementia overshadowed the sunny side of her personality. And... Continue Reading →

Translation error

Oh boy. I spend all this time talking (writing) about finding a common language, minimizing communications mishaps, and interacting with clarity and what do I do? I tumble into that very pit myself. I was sitting at lunch when an acquaintance asked me how I would approach a particular situation. After casting about (in my... Continue Reading →

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