Trading places

Earlier this week, a woman I admire bravely hugged her 14YO son goodbye as he set off on a European adventure. Underneath a healthy dose of momma-trepidation, she's thrilled for him to have this experience. We've had a few conversations about what he'll gain from it, and I--for the millionth time--thought, We need more¬†international youth... Continue Reading →

Pain points

There's a new kind of salesmanship in town, and I think I like it. When I can find it, that is. Not long ago, I received an assignment to write about a new company that offers sales training. Pretty standard stuff, I thought, so I scheduled the interview and went on about business. My discussion... Continue Reading →

Coffee klatsch

Doggone it. Why do my local grocery stores only carry plain-Jane flavors of coffee creamer? Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and a few seasonal concoctions are all that grace our shelves. I know from traveling and a few relevant trade shows that there are dozens of flavors we never see--flavors that appeal to me a whole lot... Continue Reading →

Week one

You can probably tell that I've been busy. I've spent the past few weeks preparing for a job change, making the job change, and trying to wrap my head around it all. New extracurricular activities have filled my time outside the office, and my head is spinning. But I love it. I figure it's a... Continue Reading →

Vanity plate

Crossing the street to head into the office this morning, I waited for a car to pass. Although I didn't recognize the car, I noticed that it sported a company logo'ed license plate¬†on the front. When it got closer, I recognized the driver, waved, and continued across the street. That got me thinking. The person... Continue Reading →

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