The one thing

Why did I write that? I stumbled into the bathroom, groggy after a short night's sleep. My body wasn't ready to get up, but as usual, my brain raced ahead. That was dumb. Now they'll know how insecure I am about this. I flipped the switch on the wall and the light came on. Well,... Continue Reading →

Opting out(side)

It's no secret that the mere thought of Black Friday sends shudders down my spine. It's also no secret that I love good marketing--which, thronging hordes of turkey-belching people aside, is a big part of my aversion to this crazy day. (Read why HERE.) I stoically refuse to join the masses and stay home. Every. Single. Year. Yesterday... Continue Reading →

Just desserts

My daughter's social studies teacher hosted a cultural fair last spring where the kids could present their year-end country projects. The kids had worked in groups to create elaborate displays, learn facts and anecdotes, and even whip up samples of local cuisines. The teacher expected the cafetorium to be packed, so she asked parents to sign up to bring a... Continue Reading →

Vanity plate

Crossing the street to head into the office this morning, I waited for a car to pass. Although I didn't recognize the car, I noticed that it sported a company logo'ed license plate on the front. When it got closer, I recognized the driver, waved, and continued across the street. That got me thinking. The person... Continue Reading →

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