Complicating the issue (again)

In honor of last weekend's forward leap¬†into Daylight Savings Time, I'm resurrecting this post from May 2011. Thanks for indulging my recent need to revisit the old stuff! Until very¬†recently, my home state (Indiana) did not observe Daylight Savings Time. The magical days in the spring and fall that shift time on its axis were... Continue Reading →

Your first day

I called home from a business trip to check in with my kids. It was the day my son had intra-squad matches, wrestle-offs, to determine who would claim the varsity positions on his team. The conversation went like this: Me: How'd it go? Favorite son: Mom, you missed it. Today was the first day of... Continue Reading →

Never give up

Many months ago, I wrote about the importance of staying engaged regardless of age, station in life, or background (Retirement is not an option). Staying engaged means staying relevant. It means being part of the world around you instead of watching it pass by. It means learning and embracing and moving forward. Age means nothing--I've... Continue Reading →

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