Collateral damage

[Warning: this post is way more polite than it deserves to be.] What a mess. What an absolute effing mess. I was horrified when I first heard what had happened in Uvalde. All those children! The horror continued to renew itself as details of the situation emerged, then were retracted, then corrected. Now I’m angry.... Continue Reading →

If you can’t control your children

If you haven’t heard this, chances are you’ve thought something like it. If you can’t control your children… …you shouldn’t bring them in the first place.…you should take them out of here.…you’re going to have to leave. As parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to compel our kids to act appropriately.... Continue Reading →

Do the right thing

I’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. Statistically, my risk of becoming seriously ill with the disease is very low, even with the Delta variant that has become so pervasive. I also live in a state that has not been very forceful about pandemic restrictions. If you look around, you probably wouldn’t realize we are *still* navigating... Continue Reading →

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