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Tammy DavisMy name is Tammy Davis. I’m a professional communicator, but aren’t we all? Being able to make your point effectively is essential to successfully doing your job, whatever that is. I just happen to have it in my current title.

I’m a thinker. I like to ruminate, ponder, contemplate. When it comes to turning things over in my head, I have been accused of putting the anal in analyze. Does that qualify me to write a blog? Probably not by itself, but I’d also like to think I am an insightful person who can listen like the audience, draw from experience, and make connections. Since I make my living finding effective ways to communicate with others, I’d like to believe that the collective value of these qualities is enough for someone to pay attention.

If you don’t agree with what I write, you have two choices: tell me why or don’t read. I hope you’ll choose the former so we can all learn.

By the way, the opinions expressed here are all mine. This isn’t a company blog and I’m not representing anyone but myself. I just want to be clear about that.

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12 thoughts on “About me

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  1. I love a thinker and someone who puts things together from all over the place, as I’m seeing you do here beautifully. 🙂
    Love from Rach.

  2. I did not know you were on Goodreads! I friended you because I’d love to read your reviews and “pick your brain” on what you’re reading. I hope that’s alright…

  3. Most things we come across in life are by accident. I accidentally came upon your site and love the way you have with words…

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