Trading places

Earlier this week, a woman I admire bravely hugged her 14YO son goodbye as he set off on a European adventure. Underneath a healthy dose of momma-trepidation, she's thrilled for him to have this experience. We've had a few conversations about what he'll gain from it, and I--for the millionth time--thought, We need more¬†international youth... Continue Reading →


For well over a year, maybe a year and a half, I've been plagued by a steadily worsening,¬†sore shoulder. Some days it bothered me so much that it limited how far I could run,¬†because even just holding up my arm was too much. Even so, I figured I could tough it out until it eventually... Continue Reading →

My checkered past

Reminiscing with my dad the other day, we started talking about the way different family members had shaped our lives--even through lessons they may have never intended to teach. Enter my grandpa. I was by far his favorite granddaughter--so what if I was the ONLY granddaughter he knew before he died--and we adored each other.... Continue Reading →

Splitting hairs

I work in a building full of office suites, and everyone on the same floor shares a restroom. Frequently, I cross paths there with a woman from a neighboring company, and she almost always comments on my hair--its thickness, the cut, the color. This woman always makes me feel good about a feature that normally... Continue Reading →

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