Take the money

A certain department store sends me coupons all the time in the mail--either 15, 20, or 30%. It's rare that one isn't lying on my counter. The trouble is, I rarely remember to take it with me when I shop. I'm such a spur-of-the-moment person that I often just pop in on my way to... Continue Reading →

Language lessons

Recently I worked on a side project that fell just a bit outside my realm of experience. It wasn't that I hadn't done similar things before; I just hadn't done that particular thing. I viewed it as a surmountable challenge, and I dove in. I made a few calls, asked a few questions, and got... Continue Reading →

Balancing act

Some time ago, a colleague introduced me to a quote that goes something like this: Balance, dare I say it, is vastly overrated. In the end, you might want to consider the benefits of imbalance, and the achievements that come with pursuing a passion with a single-minded devotion. --Colin Cowherd I chewed on it at... Continue Reading →

Hang tight

Here's something that might surprise you about me. As fiercely independent as (I like to believe) I am, I like for someone else to do the driving--particularly when we're talking about my significant other. Don't get me wrong; I'm neither afraid to drive nor do I dislike driving--and I've definitely done my fair share. It's... Continue Reading →

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