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Beef-jerkySooo…I’ve been working an idea for a post for months. Months. That’s not like me. Normally I just sit down and write. The thoughts coalesce and the words flow. They may tumble over the top of each other, but eventually they settle into place in a puddle on the page, leaving you to decide whether you wade through or walk around it.

For some reason, I just can’t make this one happen. The ends of my thoughts trail off and evaporate before they can precipitate and I’m left with a thunderhead. Argh.

I’m not letting this one go, though. On the contrary, I’m going to let you chew on it, too.

Wait, what? Chew on it? You got it–it’s WORD JERKY time again! Here’s your thought for the day:

Do actions without intent have meaning? Or is it the thought behind them–not the actions themselves–that define the nature of an interaction?

What do you think? Is it the thought that counts? Or just the results? Sometimes? Every time?

Let’s chat about it.

5 thoughts on “More to chew

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  1. I think the intention definitely weighs more. For example, someone doing a favor with the intention it will be returned one day (and only for that reason). Or someone doing a favor with no strings attached. It can be the same favor, but the intent is different.

  2. I think every action has SOME intent…sometimes we fail to take responsibility for the intent behind the action and might claim we didn’t “mean” it that way. Guess I’m feeling a little guilty about a recent unpleasant interaction that I should have anticipated…and probably was asking for… if not by my action then perhaps by my intent. Personal responsibility for the intent, the thought, AND ultimately the action is hard to swallow sometimes. Not that I woud know anything about that! 😉

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