Guiding light

guiding lightI don’t know whether it’s the pomp and circumstance of graduation season, some sort of viral illness, or just too much time alone, but I currently find myself in a heightened state of self-assessment. I’ve been trying to identify the principles that guide me, particularly at work.

After much thought, I finally came up with I list I think captures my core values. Though I really wish someone had given me this advice as I prepared for my career, I think they developed pretty naturally.

Drum roll, please…

  1. Project confidence.
  2. Give credit to others. Generously.
  3. Take responsibility.
  4. Admit mistakes.
  5. Make decisions.
  6. Look for the lesson in everything.
  7. Keep learning.

I may not execute all of them perfectly all the time, but I reach for them always. What’s on your list?

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  1. My list includes: Listen (twice as much as I talk); Recognize the value of others (humility); Use a filter between my brain and my mouth (not everything I think needs to find voice).Your list is outstanding and a reminder to me to execute those qualities on a daily basis. Thank you Tammy.

  2. I am seriously tempted to print this list out and put in up above my desk at work. And highlight #1 in neon yellow. And put a big, giant star beside it. And … you get the idea! The point is, that’s something I struggle with in Corporate World, and I could use a reminder …

    1. Aww thanks, Amber. The key to remember is that projecting it and feeling it are two different things. Bonus: the more you project it, the more you start to feel it. You go, girl!

  3. Hmmm…guiding principles…I’d have to say:
    Faith – in God, myself, and others
    Family – by chance and by choice
    Friendships – from recent to lifelong
    Generosity – of love, time, and talent

    I’m thinking if I do all those well I can pretty much figure the rest of it is covered. Thanks for the prompting – now on to my Mission Statement! šŸ˜‰

  4. I should show you what I have in my office. It was part of a leadership class on staying focused. But we wrote our core values on it. It’s a much longer story. But sometime when you’re around, I’d love to share it with you.

    By the way, I had a delightful lunch with KN today when I was driving through Ohio.

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