MomSome women and their moms are peas in a pod. People describe them as cut from the same cloth, more of the same, me and mini-me. Not so in my case. My mom and I see the world differently, want different things from our life experiences, and have different comfort zones. If we’re cloth, I’m linen and she’s lace.

I long to explore other worlds; she works hard to make her own world beautiful.

I fight to prove my self-sufficiency; she has made a life taking care of others.

I paint a room in broad strokes; she focuses on the trim.

And yet, I wouldn’t be who I am without her influence.

She built a world that left me comfortable enough to explore others because I didn’t have to worry about my own.

She taught me what she knew: life skills such as cooking, running a household, caring for children, checking the details (although I’ve never, ever given a plant a milk bath since I’ve been on my own). Her care actually fostered my self-sufficiency.

And the rooms we’ve painted, both real and metaphorical, always look better when we work together.

We may be cut from different cloth, but we make a fine outfit.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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