Linen and lace

MomSome women and their moms are peas in a pod. People describe them as cut from the same cloth, more of the same, me and mini-me. Not so in my case. My mom and I see the world differently, want different things from our life experiences, and have different comfort zones. If we’re cloth, I’m linen and she’s lace.

I long to explore other worlds; she works hard to make her own world beautiful.

I fight to prove my self-sufficiency; she has made a life taking care of others.

I paint a room in broad strokes; she focuses on the trim.

And yet, I wouldn’t be who I am without her influence.

She built a world that left me comfortable enough to explore others because I didn’t have to worry about my own.

She taught me what she knew: life skills such as cooking, running a household, caring for children, checking the details (although I’ve never, ever given a plant a milk bath since I’ve been on my own). Her care actually fostered my self-sufficiency.

And the rooms we’ve painted, both real and metaphorical, always look better when we work together.

We may be cut from different cloth, but we make a fine outfit.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

5 thoughts on “Linen and lace

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  1. I love this! Such a graceful, lovely way of expressing the differences between you two. I hope your mom got a chance to read it!

    1. Thanks, Amber. Our differences have not always made for an easy relationship, but I’ve learned that how I look at them makes a world of difference.

  2. Beautiful tribute to your Mom. There’s no rule that says we all have to follow the same path to get to the same destination. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!

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