Vanity plate

Crossing the street to head into the office this morning, I waited for a car to pass. Although I didn't recognize the car, I noticed that it sported a company logo'ed license plateĀ on the front. When it got closer, I recognized the driver, waved, and continued across the street. That got me thinking. The person... Continue Reading →

Means to an end

Some years ago, I worked with a woman who would invite me to lunch every so often. We weren't particularly close, but a random lunch date helps keep things interesting, so I generally said yes. Silly me. Following a decent meal and pleasant conversation, the awkward moment came with the check. We'd get the bill,... Continue Reading →

Guiding light

I don't know whether it's the pomp and circumstance of graduation season, some sort of viral illness, or just too much time alone, but I currently find myself in a heightened state of self-assessment. I've been trying to identify the principles that guide me, particularly at work. After much thought, I finally came up with... Continue Reading →

No words

In the last weeks, we've seen bombs. We've seen explosions. We've seen natural disasters. We're overwhelmed. Some say there are no words. But there are, and we have to find them. Those of us looking from the outside in, feeling the shock and pain of people we don't even know, owe it to those wracked... Continue Reading →

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