Twice in two days, I stumbled across a great idea. Brilliant, in fact. One was a name for a new organization, and the other was a clever idea for a costumed event. Both left me nodding, smiling.

After the initial glow wore off, I found myself looking for ways to improve each idea. What about adding this? I thought. Or we could… I posited. Each time, I put on the brakes and backed off–thankfully. Those ideas were terrific as they stood; why should I mess with them? Here’s why: neither idea was mine.

How arrogant is that?! Positively shameful, that’s what it is. Sure, if I’ve got something to contribute, I should speak up. The best solutions often evolve from the initial idea. When I find myself casting about just for a way to put my fingerprints on something, though, it’s time to step back.

It’s okay, Tammy-girl, not only to acknowledge someone else’s great idea, but also to appreciate it and embrace it. Oh yeah, and to learn from it, too.

Thankfully, I reeled myself in before I mucked it up. Each time, I walked away having told my colleague, “Great idea!” And I was right.

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