I quit

Mmmm, donuts. When I was 13, my friend and I would ride our bikes around the corner to the back door of a little house-turned-bakery that dispensed these delectables warm and slathered with chocolate. In high school, all giggles and schemes, I started a Friday rotation in my German class so that nary a week went by... Continue Reading →

Never give up

Many months ago, I wrote about the importance of staying engaged regardless of age, station in life, or background (Retirement is not an option). Staying engaged means staying relevant. It means being part of the world around you instead of watching it pass by. It means learning and embracing and moving forward. Age means nothing--I've... Continue Reading →

Dual purpose

We build highways with one purpose in mind: facilitating land-hugging, wheeled transportation. Occasionally, we'll temporarily shut them down to accommodate a bicycle event, a road race, or a parade, but their primary reason for existence is to carry motorized traffic. Yesterday I happened upon the scene in this photo. (If you want to see better,... Continue Reading →

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