I listened to someone speak recently who had a lot of good things to say. Unfortunately, he cloaked them in so many unnecessary words that I quickly lost interest.

This man diluted his point so much that it lost flavor like a weak tea. I just wanted to gulp it down and be done with it rather than savoring the taste and substance. Unfortunately, I had to take long, slow sips.

I felt sorry for the subject of his speech. It didn’t receive its due, not because the man didn’t say enough, but because he said too much. He would have been more effective to simply make his point and let it stand on its own merit. Instead, he talked it to death and he lost me. Others, too, I’m sure.

As much as I love words, too many of them–no matter how eloquently delivered–can kill a story. Say what you need to say and let it go at that. Do more with less. It’ll make people think, and isn’t that what’s important?

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