Book report

Last weekend I read an interesting little book. Titled Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You (by Bob Nelson), this book really struck a chord with me. Early in my blog life, I posted an entry titled What keeps me up at night. It dealt with my rising panic at what I perceive to... Continue Reading →

True colors

Anyone who watches the Pro Bowl--the NFL's fan chosen all-star game--knows that identifying specific players isn't always easy. Players from all teams shed their standard uniforms and don game-specific duds that identify either the AFC or the NFC. The only thing that saves us visually challenged fans is that they get to keep their regular... Continue Reading →

Mission impossible

I may have written about this before, but the topic keeps resurfacing in my world. Whatever you do in life, remember this: the measure is not the mission. It's perfectly acceptable to look at your paycheck or your bonus as a measure of your accomplishments. It's standard practice to gauge your company's success by earnings... Continue Reading →

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