Stocking stuffers






I hang up stockings at work for everyone in my department. It started one year on a whim with the simple intent of bringing a bit of festivity into a world full of cubicles. Almost immediately, surprises began appearing anonymously–fun, creative, clever surprises. There was no pattern. There was neither a single contributor nor a single recipient. Everyone played. Everyone smiled.

What began as a humble idea grew into a tradition. I bring stockings every year. Though there has never been a word of discussion about it, people fill them. And although I adore the treats I find throughout the month, I love even more the fact that people are doing this for each other, on their own. No mandate, no expectation, no obligation.

It heartens me to see others spontaneously bringing joy into others’ lives, even in a small way. All they need is an outlet. If it’s in your power, provide it.

May your days be merry and bright.


Thanks for the Nerf guns, Jason! Let the darts fly!

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