I’m only human

Americans are a quirky bunch. Our hearts bleed when we see others in crisis, especially when it's on a larger scale, and we rush to help. Friends of neighbors have a house fire? No sweat. We rush to our attics and dig out all the outgrown clothes, extra blankets, and old pots and pans we can... Continue Reading →

On your best behavior

Last night I had to run a few errands, so I stopped at the pharmacy to refill a prescription and pick up a few odds and ends. I went inside to the prescription counter, which I found to be abuzz with activity. Two pharmacists and three techs rushed about, frenetically serving the drive-thru window, in-store customers,... Continue Reading →

Black Friday

I hate Black Friday. Aside from my aversion to maniacal crowds and teeming masses of claustrophobic frenzy, here's why: it's just bad marketing. Actually, I don't see the marketing at all; what I see is simply a race to the bottom. In order to entice people into their stores--Pick me! Pick me!--retailers compete to offer... Continue Reading →

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