Here I go again. I signed up for another obstacle course race, Run for Your Lives. While there might not be any mud or fire involved in this one, I’ve traded them for sloppy trenches and *gulp* zombies. What the heck am I thinking?!

When I wrote Test your limits about my Warrior Dash experience, I focused on my physical capabilities and applying the lessons I learned elsewhere in my life. I wanted to break the mold, and I did it.

This race represents something a bit different for me. Okay, sure, it looks like it’ll be a riot, but more than that, I think this one is about conquering fear. It’s one thing to run a course limited by my own physical capability. My competitive nature certainly juices up the adrenaline all by itself. Being chased, however, takes it to a whole other level. I don’t just have to make it through, I have to make it through alive (i.e. with my flag-football-style flag in tact). Now my success depends on other factors besides my fitness level. I have to watch, plan, react while I run, jump, and crawl. I can feel the adrenaline seeping through my pores already–and I can smell the fear of failure.

That’s what drives me: can I do it? Whether I end as a finisher or as a zombie (sans flag), I know I’ll learn a lot about myself. And this time, I’m not just testing my limits, I’m running for my life!