Bad news comes swiftly, landing in a crushing blow. You’ll always remember where you were the moment you fell under its weight, when there was no air left to breathe. Now you may see walls where there had been nothing but openness. You may wonder why people are operating business-as-usual when everything is wrong. You may not understand how the weather can be sunny and beautiful when there’s so much darkness in your world.

I want to tell you it’s okay, but it’s not. Not for you. The waves of despair will roll over you regardless of what anyone says, and they’ll keep coming like the tide. Today, just let them flow. You don’t have to be strong; right now, you just have to be.

When you wake up tomorrow, try to jump one wave. Just one. The next day, you can jump two. You’ll still get wet, but you’ll learn to move with the water. I can’t tell you when, but I promise you that one day, the roiling sea will start to smooth itself. The swells will become calmer and you’ll gradually notice the sunrise again. You’ll learn to float, and then you’ll swim.

Until you do, I’ll be bobbing beside you, ready to throw you a line.

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