We once had a program at work dubbed the Indispensable Program. The idea behind it was to make our company so valuable to our key customers that it would cost too much to dump us as a supplier. It involved hyperaccurate forecasting, inventory management, precisely-timed deliveries, and dedicated customer service. It certainly wasn't cheap, but the... Continue Reading →

Toughen up

Years ago, I lobbied for a job that I already had been doing de facto. I presented my case to my boss in a well-reasoned memo and then sat down to discuss it with him. I thought it was a slam dunk. He didn't give me the job. I was definitely frustrated, but the reason... Continue Reading →

Why it matters

When I opened up an industry trade magazine today, I noticed an article titled Internet and Fax Scams. As I consider myself a fairly enlightened user of electronic media, I was in the process of flipping to the next page when a couple of bullet points caught my attention. Under the heading "More Clues of a Scam" I... Continue Reading →

Handle with care

George Harrison. Tom Petty. Roy Orbison. Jeff Lynne. Bob Dylan. Sounds like a dream team of music, doesn't it? It would really be something to hear if they all sang together. Oh wait--they did! For a brief interlude, on a whim and as a bit of a lark, they did. They were the Traveling Wilburys, and they were... Continue Reading →

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