Take responsibility

**Note: this post is a follow-up to Talk smarter, not louder.** Lest anyone think, based on yesterday's post, that only the seeker of information carries the burden of finding a common language, I don't believe that. The listener/answerer bears responsibility, too. The responsibility of understanding. The responsibility of providing relevant, useful information. The responsiblity of... Continue Reading →

Talk smarter, not louder

I see this every day. Someone will ask a question, and someone else will answer that question. Although she gets an answer, the asker walks away frustrated, because the question she asked wasn't really the right one. Easy enough to fix, right? Not really, especially when the asker has no idea what went wrong. She... Continue Reading →

Perception is reality

In a time where the world is all a-twitter about social media and the number of opportunities to connect with others is growing exponentially, it is more important than ever to communicate effectively. It doesn't matter if you're talking face-to-face, writing an ad, sending an email, posting on someone's wall, making a video, or tweeting... Continue Reading →

Why am I here?

I’m a professional communicator, but aren’t we all? Being able to make your point effectively is essential to successfully doing your job, whatever that is. I just happen to have it in my current title. I’m a thinker. I like to ruminate, ponder, contemplate. When it comes to turning things over in my head, I... Continue Reading →

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